Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Indiana visit

Last weekend we went to Indiana to visit Nancy for her birthday. They have a really fun zoo that we visited.

It was a smaller zoo, so the kids got to spend plenty of time looking at the animals, and playing.
top row: Kiersten, Nancy, Karalee
bottom row: Tommy, Evie

Kiersten is always interested in flowers. I have to watch her to make sure she doesn't pick them, though.

Whitney, Kara, and Kiersten hanging out by the tortoise statue.
The kids especially liked this wallaby area.
We rode the train, and then the kids played on this playground outside of the zoo. There were so many different toys, it was impossible for them to play with everything.
After this, we went bowling. The girls bowled the first game with us, and Kiersten came in second to Ben! That's right, she beat me by a point. But she did have the ramp to help her. We had a little time left at the end of our 2 hours, so Ben and I bowled a quick game. I actually beat him for the first time since our first date (when he let me win on purpose) and beat my own best score by 2 points. So now I can claim a personal best of 148. not super impressive, but for me it's a proud moment.


Bmills said...

I'm so glad Kiersten found Perry!

Dustin and Erika said...

148?! You rock!