Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Batman and friends

Kara's favorite thing right now happens to be batman. She loves the movies (no, she hasn't seen the new one), the cartoons, the video games, and comic books. A few nights ago, after homework, she sat at the table and drew all the batman characters she could think of completely from memory. Ben and I were pretty surprised how many she thought of, and how many details she could remember about them. It was fun trying to guess which characters they were. When we guessed wrong, she just shook her head slowly, and rolled her eyes.
batman is at the very top, hanging, and surprisingly, has the least amount of detail. probably because she's drawn him so many times before. The top row from left to right is, penguin, cat woman, bane, clay face. In the middle, caught in cat woman's whip is killer croc. The bottom row is harley quin, joker, man-bat, and poison ivy.
On this side, you have red claw at the top. Neither Ben or I had heard of that character, but Kara swears she's from the animated series. middle row is mad hatter, robin, bat girl, and alfred. The bottom row is the riddler and two face.
And on the back she drew the scarecrow and Mr. freeze when we pointed out she'd left out these two characters.

Kiersten was a little sad that she doesn't get to eat lunch at school this year. So, I've been packing the little girls a lunch when I do Kara's, and then when we get home from school, they think it's cool to grab their lunch boxes and head over to the table. It has made lunchtime smoother for me too, since I don't have to fix their lunches, I can just get back to whatever I need to work on that day.
Evie came home from school with this little poem, and her handprints. I thought it was the cutest little poem. When we ask her about school, she just jabbers on and on about having the pretty paint on her hands. She was so proud!

Today when I dropped her off, she ran happily to hang up her bag with no tears. I guess she finally believes me that I'm not going to leave her there forever. When I picked her up, the teacher told me that she asked to go potty today. I hadn't planned on having her potty training at school, but they said just send pullups, and they'll help her remember to go as much as she wants to. They don't aggressively potty train, just try to help out the ones that are training at home already.
we had a tornado warning the other day, and after it was changed to a watch, we came up from the basement. The sky looked really interesting, so I wanted to get a picture to show Ben. Kiersten said, "those clouds are so low", I agreed, slightly concerned that she might be nervous still from the sirens going off, but then she said, " I bet God can hear everything we're saying!" I was laughing pretty hard at that. I told her God can always hear what she says, and see what she does, but she didn't look like she believed me.


VicandNanc said...

Haha, that little Kiersten is SO sweet! :) I'm glad Evie is adjusting to school too. Can't wait to see everyone again!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

That is so cute that the younger girls want a lunch box too. I miss all your beautiful girls.