Friday, May 18, 2012

Kindergarten grad!

These sisters sure love getting their pictures taken together. For every picture I take of them, there are probably at least 5-6 times I have to tell them no, we don't have time for pictures right now. At least i know their childhood will be well documented.
Today was Kara's kindergarten graduation. (even though she still has school for 4 more days next week.) She was disappointed that Daddy couldn't make it, but excited for the little girls and me to show up there. The kids recited a little poem, and we watched a slideshow of all the events throughout the year. The teacher did a good job of getting pictures of Kara in there too, even though she's only been in class for 2 weeks. She has taken pictures of her about everyday, and just randomly inserted them along with the other kids. Every time A picture of Kara came on screen, Evie would excitedly shriek, "wook! Kawa!" all the kids thought that was funny.
Almost all the kids in her class live in our neighborhood. I was surprised that several of the parents came right up to me, knew who we were, and exactly where we lived, and had heard about us from other neighbors. One lady even knew my and the kids' names.
She got a graduation certificate, and her teacher pulled me aside after to say that she hasn't had much time to assess Kara, but from what she's seen, she will be fine for first grade. I didn't say anything, but I wasn't at all worried about her readiness for first grade. She is pretty far ahead of the work I've seen coming home, so I know she'll be fine.
After the ceremony, the parents could choose to take the kids home, or let them stay for PE. Kara wanted to stay, so I let her. Right as we were walking out of our house to get her from the bus stop, Evie fell and bloodied her head, so I quickly ran inside to get her cleaned up and calmed down. then I put on a movie for Kiersten and set Evie by her to watch while I ran to the bus by myself. Right as I was out of my yard, I saw the bus drive past me, and I looked down the street but didn't see Kara. I walked down there to make sure, but she was not there. So I waited for the bus to come back by, as it has to go to the end of our street, and turn around to get out of the neighborhood. I thought the bus driver saw me, and I waved so she'd stop, but she just drove by. So I thought she must not have seen me after all. I called the school to see if she was still there, or if the driver was going to take her back, and they didn't have her, and they called to driver who said she had gotten off the bus at the stop. So I started panicking and told them she wasn't there. We figured she must have gotten off at the wrong stop, as the teacher supervises them onto the bus to make sure everyone gets on the right one. I ran back home to check on the girls, and make sure Evie was okay, and was going to start driving around looking for Kara, when I got a call back from the bus depot saying they had her and were bringing her back. So I went back to the bus stop to wait. I ended up waiting almost 15 minutes for her, and when she showed up, the driver told me that Kara had fallen asleep, and slouched down onto the seat. So she thought she got off at her stop, and had seen me, and thought it was weird she didn't see Kara with me, but figured maybe I let her play at a friends house or she had run ahead of me. When she got back to the depot, she spotted Kara asleep in her seat, and woke her up. Poor Kara was really upset about it. She wouldn't talk to the driver, or answer any questions. Even I couldn't get a word out of her the whole walk home. Once we were in the house, I opened her backpack, and found some popcorn she'd brought home. As soon as she saw it, she cheered right up, and got back to her normal self. She seems to be over it already, and says she still wants to ride the bus. 


VicandNanc said...

Yuck, how stressful for you to have to worry about her wandering around in the wrong neighborhood. That is cute she was so upset because she thought she lost her bus riding priveledges!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Kara seems to be happy in her new school. What a tramatic experience for a little kindergardner on the school bus. I'm glad everything turned out O.K.