Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Accident prone Evangeline

Evie somehow pulled her elbow again last week. We seriously have no idea how it happened. She just walked oven to Ben, threw herself on the floor and started crying and saying "OW!". so he brought her up to me, and she fell asleep. We thought it had to do with her tooth she was cutting, but every time she rolled over she would start to cry again. I took her back down to Ben, and he noticed she was not using her arm, and crying every time it was touched. So I took her into the ER to get it re set. I will never take her to the ER again for a pulled elbow. Just like back in October, they tried over and over and couldn't get it back in place. So decided that it must be fractured, and wanted x rays. I really didn't feel it was broken, but they wanted the xrays anyway. So I got to hold her down on the x ray table again, and make her cry and scream so they could take x rays which backed me up that she didn't have a broken bone. So again, just like back in October, they ended up giving up and sending us home. So that was 4 hours wasted, and spent torturing and upsetting her, that she would have been much more comfortable at home. I fully appreciate and respect those who work in the ER, but I just did not like how they kept acting like I didn't know what I was talking about, and just wouldn't hear me out. I'm her mother, I know her. I know how this injury was last time, and I knew her arm was not broken. So next time, I'll just wait til the next morning and get her into the ortho dr. to get it popped back in.
The next morning, Ben took her to the ortho to get it fixed up, and they took care of her. She was happy and using her arm again by the time they left the office. I think she might have done it on the stairs. I've seen her a few times walking down the stairs, and slip, then grabbing onto the hand rail to catch herself. We don't know for sure, but that's my best guess. Poor thing is always getting hurt! she was just recovering from getting her head scraped by falling out the front door, then this happened, and a few days later, Kara was chasing her to tickle her, and she fell and hit her head in the same spot she already has a scar, a bump, and a scab. She also bit her lip, and bled all over herself and me. I feel like just wrapping her up in bubble wrap every morning.
I didn't take any other pictures this week. I got really swamped with house projects and a bunch of orders in my etsy shop. I am caught up now, and Kara is done with school, so hopefully we'll have some fun pictures coming up soon. I'm especially excited to post pictures of the girl's room makeovers when we finish them up. Kara and Kiersten's rooms are looking really cute, but Evie's isn't even started yet.


Angelique said...

Poor little baby! What a hard thing to go through for her and you! We love you guys and miss you

Dustin and Erika said...

Poor girl! What terrible luck these days!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Poor Evie. It is so hard to watch your child suffer. I'm glad she is doing better now. I hope she will out grow this tendency.

Josh and Jackie said...

Poor baby!...That is how kaymie is too. She is always falling and hurting and re-hurting her self.. When she broke her arm a bit ago there were several things in a row that she kept doing and getting hurt. I felt the same way about the bubble wrap!