Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kiersten's bird feeder

Kiersten wanted me to take a picture of this beetle so Daddy will believe her that he needs to respray the outside of the house for bugs. She was really upset about seeing him on the window. She said that he was trying to show us his bum.
Kiersten has been so jealous of Kara this week, going to a new school, meeting new friends, losing a tooth, etc. She has been bugging me for a week to make a bird feeder like the one she saw made on Nick jr. I have been putting her off because I've been so busy unpacking, organizing, and such. But today I decided to force the time into our day so she could feel special and happy. So during Evie's nap, we got to work. This is what we used:
We used an empty toilet paper roll, peanut butter, bird seed, a baking sheet, a frisbee, a glue gun, and ribbon (not pictured). I told her to get the empty roll I had set aside in my bathroom. When she came back down she explained that it took a while to get all the paper off. I guess she didn't look in my bathroom, and instead took all the paper off the roll in her bathroom. I asked her where she put it all, and she said, "I flushed it a little at a time down the toilet, so it wouldn't get all stuck together." So we had to have a talk about being wasteful.

The first step was to spread peanut butter onto the roll.

Next, I spread birdseed onto the baking sheet and let her roll it onto the sides.

The commercial she's been seeing says to hang it with a ribbon and you're done. But I decided to hot glue the toilet paper roll onto a small frisbee the kids got at the fair and never play with. Then I let Kiersten choose some ribbon to glue around the edge. She picked this cute owl ribbon. I made a quick bow and glued that on too. Then we filled the frisbee up with more bird seed. She even crawled on the floor making sure she got every single kernel into the bird feeder.  

And that's it. She took her lovely bird feeder outside and set it on the deck. I might move it down to the ground level, so we don't get even more bird poo up there.

She sat outside staring at it and waiting for birds to come, until I convinced her to come inside and just watch out the window. She has been keeping watch all afternoon to see the birds use it, but so far, it has just been attracting a few bees. (another reason we might have to move it so Ben doesn't freak out every time he sees one).


Dustin and Erika said...

How fun for her! I remember making bird feeders out of big pine cones that we rolled in peanut butter and birdseed. I don't think the birds ever ate ours, either. haha

Angelique said...

I love your guys' new house! It is absolutely beautiful! I feel so bad I haven't been on for so long It just took me over an hour to go through all the posts I have missed! We miss you guys so much. I love all of the cute hats and bows and stuff you have been making. Congrats on everything we love and miss you guys all so much!