Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bow holders

Now that the girls have their own bathrooms, one bow board wasn't working out so well. So I decided to make a few new bow hangers for them. I just bought wood cut outs to paint. The girls really wanted to help paint. At first I did not want to let them, because I thought they would turn out looking pretty sloppy. But they were so excited to paint, I couldn't turn them down. So I let them paint their  own, and I helped draw designs on them for a guide. they actually did pretty well, and no one made a mess.
Kiersten was painting giant globs at first, but as soon as I had her watch how Kara was doing it, she caught on, and did much better. I did have a few little touch ups on hers after she was done, but I was impressed how well she was able to paint inside the lines I made for her to follow.
I just stapled some grosgrain ribbon to the backs, and they turned out super cute. I did the lady bug for Evie, since she was asleep. Kara made the heart almost entirely by herself, and Kiersten made the butterfly one with my help. now they are hanging in their bathrooms full of bows from top to bottom. 

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Bmills said...

Too bad there aren't any pictures of them hung up with bows.