Thursday, April 9, 2009

we leave tomorrow

See how excited Kiersten and Kara are to be going to Salt Lake tomorrow?
this is just a pic of Kara doing some wierd dance. She requested I take her picture, and then she did this silly air guitar-type dance.
Ben heard a commotion in the playroom, and went in to check on Kiersten. He found her on the table, and instead of getting her safely down, went and got the camera.
Kara loves going to the park. She has been asking to go pretty much on a daily basis the last few weeks. She is so good at climbing.
They went down the slide together, so cute.
Here they are swinging. Kiersten only likes it if she can see Kara swinging next to her. The second Kara is done, Kiersten suddenly hates the swing.
This is one of the first times she has gone down all by herself. we also got a cute video of her sliding like such a big girl!


Vicky Van Sickle said...

The girls are so CUTE! I am so excited to see everyone tomorrow, I probably won't be able to sleep (which I won't anyway since I'll be working). I can hardly wait to see all of you!

VicandNanc said...

Geeze lou Ease! I am WAY behind on reading your blog! I always have so much fun reading about your cute little family :) Thanks for posting! I have lots of little comments, but you get the main idea... cute, cute, CUTE! Haha, the joy of having kids around really brings so much entertainment into our lives!

Peterson Family said...

How cute! I didn't see this before I saw you SLC! Your girls are darling! It was great to see you all!! Love the pics on the blog too :)