Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my little dancer

The day Kara has been waiting for finally arrived. She got to go to her first dance class today. I originally wanted her to do the toe, tap, and tumble class, but we were out of town for the first class. so I switched her to a pre-ballet class. She was excited enough to get to wear her new dance clothes and have her hair done up. when we got to the class, she was triple thrilled about it. The teacher made us wait outside, but I peeked in the window a few times, and she looked like she was behaving well and having fun. After the class, the teacher told me that Kara followed directions very well and understood everything she was asked to do. She also commented that Kara had a really nice quality leotard and tights. Who new there was a difference? Not me. So we have Ben to thank for getting them for her on his way home from work. All of the little ballerinas were so cute. Kara introduced me to her friend, "Soapy". I repeated it and she said, yes, that was her name. I'm guessing her name is Sophie. I'll figure it out next week.
Kiersten can't get left out of the blog!
She and Kara have been fighting over these sunglasses all day. They are Kara's, but Kiersten has decided that she likes them too.
Kara trying to hug the biggest squirmer on earth!


Peterson Family said...

That is so cute! I am glad she enjoyed it so much. Kiersten looks scute sporting Kara's glasses :)

Josh and Jackie said...

Oh I bet Kara just loved the dance class...How come they wouldn't let you watch usually they do.