Thursday, April 30, 2009

The blame game

Kara has started to blame people for things she does. I know this is a normal phase for her to be going through, but it still sort of shocks me. Of course there is the typical blaming of Kiersten for making messes, or for example, for pulling down all of her decorative letters off the wall the other day. (Kiersten could definitely NOT reach them.) But what surprises me, is the out of the blue, ridiculous blaming. A few days ago she woke up and immediately started saying that daddy took her cup. She looked all over the house and couldn't find it, so she was determined to convince me that he had hidden it. She kept bringing it up for several hours. She would just suddenly say, "daddy is a stinker-pot. He hide my cuppy mom!" or something similar. When he came home from work, she still thought he had done something wrong. Kinda funny though. Yesterday while we were on our way to go grocery shopping, she said, "Papa Howard stole my bike mom!" She said it in such an angry way. I told her that he didn't, but she was sure of it. She kept saying how he was so naughty and needed to go to time out. When I was checking out, she told the checker, "my papa is so mean. He took my bike." the cashier said something like, "oh, He took your bike? oh no." and then she said, "and he kicked my butt." I started laughing and said, " no he didn't. he's at his house in Utah, you silly girl." The cashier still looked at me pretty funny though. Of course she was thrilled to see her bike when we got home, but I don't like her telling people things like that. What if someone takes her seriously and thinks there is a real butt-kicking problem? (or whatever else she decides to say.) Finally, this morning she told me that daddy got into her easter candy. I know she did it, because I caught her with it last night and took it away. we had a talk about it and everything. So I told her, no, that daddy was gone to work, and didn't get into her candy. Then she tried to say Kiersten did it. Which would be believable if Kiersten hadn't already gone to bed, and if I hadn't caught her red handed. So I had a talk with her about lying, which she's been talked to about before, so that covers getting into the candy. I'm not thinking she needs to be disciplined about the other, random blaming, she isn't really being naughty, but I need to figure something out to get her to seperate her imagination from reality. She has seemed to really be convinced that these things happened, and pretty upset about it.


VicandNanc said...

The things kids do make me laugh! I got a really good laugh about Papa Howard! haha :)

Josh and Jackie said...

That is so funny. What a little cutie..Oh and we just got your gift yesterday...Thank you guys so much it is so cute Cash loves it. Especially the little animals.