Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday in provo

We went to provo on saturday for an egg hunt and easter games at my parents house. There were 15 kids and 11 adults! Here is Ben enjoying lunch with the neices and nephews. An easter egg hunt in the rain. Kiersten wasn't supposed to be in this hunt, since there was a seperate baby hunt, but she still picked up a few eggs.

Nic trying to steal the spotlight, and Kara's basket!

the baby hunt was inside. Kiersten was the biggest and most dominant. The others had to crawl to the eggs.

Here is a picture of the adults. You can even kinda see Zac if you look at the bright flash reflecting in the mirror.

It was a rainy day. Addyson still looks beautiful though! As you can kinda see in the background, a lot of people were dressed more for a funeral than Easter!

Ben holding Rylynn. He had her asleep and then I made her cry, so he was trying to calm her back down again. She is so itty bitty!

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