Friday, July 21, 2017

The End of Elementary

Karalee had a full and fun last month of elementary school. She made the track team again, and was excited to be able to miss regular school to spend most of the day there. 

She was in the relay, so that was exciting to watch. 

They all brought their lunches to eat at the meet. 
We had a wonderful group of kids there representing Woerther. 
Kara's relay team.

The 5th graders got to spend a day at Biz Town. They all have pretend jobs, money, etc. Kara was the CFO for build a bear. She had such a fun day there. 
We also had the CCL 5th grade graduation celebration/field day. She has had an awesome 5 years there, and has taken so many interesting and fun classes. 
All the kids got sno-cones.
It was pizza for lunch, and Kara was pretty happy about that. 
I volunteered to help with the field games, so I didn't get to see Kara doing a lot of the other games, but I tried to watch her from afar, hahaha. 
My game involved moving this ball from one spot to another without it touching the ground, or any of the kids' hands or arms. There were some interesting attempts. 
The boys had lots of ideas, but got it eventually. Hitting the ball in the air, kicking the ball in the air, and head butting the ball in the air were all failures. 

The girls were pretty quick to figure out this leg chain to pass the ball down. Each group solved it faster, because they saw the other kids doing it. 
The girls had time to solve the problem about 6 different ways. They got creative. I was a stickler for those arms not touching though. I made them start over lots of times. It was kind of a fun power trip for me. 
Later the same day, I came back to the CCL to watch Kara's play in her acting class. The kids wrote the play themselves, and even choreographed a song and dance. It was nice to be indoors after the field day. 
The song was to the tune of "Hard Knock life", but was instead titled, "A Haunted Camp". The lyrics were cute. 

It was a funny play, if a little confusing. The accents were my favorite part. 

5th grade graduation/D.A.R.E graduation was the same week as all this other excitement. Kara was happy to wear a new dress. 

It was fun to see the kids and think back to when they were all so little not that long ago!
Kara Miller, future financial planner. 
They all got a memory book and a DVD with the slideshow that we watched. 
 They also got an extra recess during the last week of school. I stole a few pictures from Facebook.

I also grabbed a few FB pictures from the 5th graders fun day at the Pointe, a local community center. She had such a fun filled week!

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