Friday, July 21, 2017

Let's Do Summer

The last day of school really snuck up on us this year. I'm sure it had some to do with the craziness of Kiersten breaking her arm, and getting the cast, etc.
She was in no mood for a silly picture, but Kara was surprisingly willing for a change. 
Kara even asked me to do her hair, which is very unusual for her. 
We moms ended up waiting for quite a while for the bus to arrive. The first time it came by, the high schoolers got off. I'll admit, I was tempted to spray them with silly string. 
The driver hustled back to get the elementary kids, and they were there before we knew it. It was a warm day, so I was surprised to see Evie wearing her sweater. She said she was worried about leaving it on the bus like she did with her rain coat on the final day last year. 
We had a great time spraying them with silly string. 
The best part is making the kids clean it all up. 

Happy kiddos!

We'll miss the 5th graders next year when they are super mature middle schoolers who don't need their moms at the bus stop. Sniff. 
We headed over to the park for the end of school celebration. We were first in line for the ice cream truck. The bad news, was he didn't have change for $20, so I had to wait til enough people bought ice cream for me to get my change. But it was a nice chance to chat with some of the other moms in line that I hadn't seen for a while. 
The kids ran amok and had a great time. 
Kiersten sat poutily under a tree since I warned her not to let her cast get wet. Her friends were not willing to let her sit there alone and surrounded her with love and laughs within minutes. She cheered right up. I love when kids do sweet things for each other without parents prompting them. 
Of course all the yummy food keeps them all coming back to the pavilion. I only saw Kara when she was back for treats. The 5th graders had a gathering happening on the upper soccer field.

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