Friday, July 7, 2017

Mother's Day in Kansas City

On Mother's Day weekend we headed down to Kansas City for a kids' Club event at Arrowhead Stadium. We arrived bright and early, and actually had to wait around for a few minutes before it opened. Luckily it was pleasant weather. 

They thought it was pretty fun to go out through the tunnel.

They got to dress up in pads and uniforms just like the players. They even got to try on the shoes. 

There were some bounce houses and an inflatable obstacle course set up as well. 

They got to try kicking through the actual field goal posts, and had players there helping them. It was a dream come true for Kiersten. 
There were also a few players running drills with the kids. 
Kara was pretty quick at the drills thanks to Tae Kwon Do. 

Evie got her face painted while the others played on the field and met some players. Kiersten gave a birthday note for Dustin Colquitt to the guy who has a locker next to him. His name escapes me. 

After a fun morning at the stadium, we went over to the KC Zoo for the rest of the day. 

Birds are not my favorite, but we took a stroll through the bird house anyway. It wasn't too bad, mostly parrots. 
The kids thought this was so funny how this guy was just laying there. 

Evie always has to see the elephants. 

Kara loves the big cats. 

We rode on the gondolas that go over the African animals. It was a good time. Ben kept yelling at me that I was going to drop my phone. I did not, but we saw someone else's phone down on the ground.

We could hear all of Evie's random comments behind us better than we could hear each other. 
Lots of turtles for one rock.

Evie loves posing by statues. She thinks they are all her best friend. 

We stayed in KC, and spent Sunday driving home. All in all, it was a rather enjoyable weekend. 

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