Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Girls and Their Activities

The third graders at our school always take a violin class. This year, it was Kiersten's turn, and she was very excited about the concert.
Here is a random TKD picture of Kara. She sure loves running those laps, haha. 
Evie began softball practice in early April. She really likes it so far. 
Brennon, Katie, and Rosalind came to visit us for Easter weekend. The girls were very anxious for them to arrive. 
I got a laugh out of Evie's backyard catch attire. She's a funny girl.
For Kiersten's class party, we had a giraffe party in celebration of the famous YouTube giraffe that was pregnant at the time. I cut out masks for the kids to decorate for their craft. 
I felt no need to be realistic, so I did some fun, bright colors. 
I also printed out a giraffe for a dice game. I had Kiersten's friend help me number them all differently, so everyone wouldn't win at the same time. 
I made some bean bags shaped like lettuce, an apple, and a carrot. I was going to make regular square ones out of giraffe fabric, but Ben and the girls thought this would be better. I have to admit, it was a cute idea. 
I used the giraffe fabric instead to make a giraffe on a poster board for the kids to feed. I was glad to just cut out the fabric, it was going to take forever to draw all those spots on the board. The class party was pretty fun, but I was too busy to take pictures. Katie was nice enough to come along and help me out. Kiersten sure loved seeing her at the school. 
More pictures by the tree in better light. 

Rosalind fits right in with her silly cousins. 

They sure love this sweet little dolly!
We all dyed some Easter eggs together before bed time. 

It's always very exciting. 

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