Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Easter 2017

Although there was rain in the forecast, we had a beautiful Easter sunday this year. 
The girls were happy to wear their pretty new dresses. Kiersten used her allowance to buy a new hat and necklace that she thought would go perfectly with her dress. 

We had to get a picture with the 2 notorious squinters doing their squinty thing.

Ready to race! We also did the neighborhood egg hunt the day before, but we got there late, and I was chatting, and no pictures were taken by me. 
Kara came out with this big basket she had won with a raffle basket for swim team last year. She takes this hunt very seriously. 

Who wouldn't be thrilled with a giant duck???

Kara was nervous to grab her basket out of the bushes. She was worried she'd get a tick on her. 
Rosalind was a very cute cheerleader. She didn't do much hunting. 

That blue bunny was not for me, ha! It's making a cozy home in the corner of Kiersten's room. 

Evie needed help to get her basket. Kiersten was a dutiful sister. 

Side note: the dress baby Rosalind is wearing was Evie's Easter dress 6 years ago. How time flies...
The spoils. 

They love going through all their eggs. This year, someone did a poor job, because as I was putting all the plastic eggs away, I ended up with a good handful of quarters and candy. 

Excitement over the movie "Sing" can not be contained. 

It was such a gorgeous holiday!

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