Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spring Time

I wait eagerly every year for our cherry tree to bloom. I always make the girls stand by it for a picture. 

The girls have been having a great time in spring swim practice. 
Evie is even trying to dive this year. 

The girls all wanted to dress up for career day at school. We had 3 lovely career women: Kara the artist, Kiersten the financial adviser, and Evie the ballerina. 
For April Fool's Day, I made some candy eggs and bacon. I made these several years ago, but the girls were too young to remember, so I gave it another go. I also made jello in juice glasses to trick them. 
They enjoyed their candy breakfast, but spent the rest of the day talking about how they hadn't gotten a healthy breakfast that morning. So I guess we won't be doing this trick again!

It was a nice day so we went to Six Flags. 

Kiersten pretended to lose her Chiefs hat on a roller coaster to trick Ben. He totally fell for it, and it was nice to see him fall for an April Fool's Day prank for once. 
Ben and I got to go to opening day for the Cardinals again this year. It turned out to be a really nice day. 
I love seeing those Clydesdales tromping around the stadium. 

It was a winner!

Lots of reasons to love spring!

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