Friday, December 16, 2016

Thankful Little Turkeys

For Thanksgiving this year, we were excited to have Brennon, Katie, and Rosalind visit. We had so much fun with their adorable family. 
Baby Rozzie sure is a cute and happy little rolly-bug! The girls were happy to not be sick this time so they could get in plenty of cuddle and tickle time. I got to keep an eye on her while Brennon and Katie went to a movie. She couldn't have been better. She's just a dream.
It was pretty exciting for the girls to see her roll over, since last time she was here, she seemed right on the verge of being able to do so. She seemed to enjoy being cheered on with every roll. 

We had some fancy girls at dinner time!

While they were here, Ben made us put out the Christmas tree and decorations. I strongly did not want to do it, but in the end I was glad to have it done and not hanging over my head. The girls were a bit distracted, but did eventually get it finished. 

We also decided to go to Six Flags for Holiday in the park. We were able to get our guests in for free, so that was something we didn't want to pass up. 
The decorations were pretty fun!
Kara won a stuffed candy cane. 
Uncle Brennon won a stuffed Rudolph for Evie by shooting a basketball. She was pleased with her prize. 
Kiersten ended up winning a stuffed gingerbread man. I can't find a picture of her with it though. 
As it started to get darker, it was fun to see all the lights come on. 

The kids area was a super cute candy cane forest. 
My favorite decoration was the starlight mints projected onto the ground. 
It was sure hard for us all to have to say goodbye to this drool face. 
Cousin BFFs.

It was a great holiday with plenty of reasons to be thankful!

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