Monday, January 4, 2016

Disney Cruiseline photos

So here are some of the photos that we had taken by the DCL photography staff. This was the first cruise we've been on where they didn't swipe our room key for photos. They used facial recognition software, and that made us pretty nervous. We kept going up to the photo room to check if our pictures were showing up yet. In the end, I guess they knew what they were doing. We did have one picture of a random family in there, but I got that one removed. They didn't look like us, but had 3 daughters, and similar clothing colors. 
They didn't all load up in order, but I just posted them as I came across them.  Here are the girls waiting to board with Captain Mickey. We were pretty early for our boarding time, so had lots of chances for photos. 

We have a few pictures with Kiersten trying to hold up her shorts. They were a little big on her. Once we were on board I found a safety pin to fix them. 
Next September all of the girls will be in different outfits, as they are all ready to be handed down. They've gotten plenty of use out of them. 
I've never seen so few people dressed up for pirate night. I guess some people had extra Christmas items to pack along instead. 
The photographer shouted, "hold on to your hats!". I was holding down the back of my skirt. 

I barely took any pictures of them with Santa, so I'm so glad these ones turned out cute. The girls were a little awkward at first because the lady in line behind us was throwing a fit because she felt we cut in line. A staff member had put us there in line, and tried to explain to her that it was his doing, but she couldn't get over it. I was trying to offer her to go ahead of us, but she was pretty off the rails, so I backed off. They had a nice list for the kids to sign, and Evie wrote "mommy" on the naughty side. (The first name on the naughty list for 2016! woo) Anyway, when that lady saw, she said, "I'll say..." 
Ben got back to us just in time to be in a shot with the family.
Fancy night is one of my favorites. The girls hate getting their hair done, but love the end result. 

Between these 2 family shots, which one would you print off for the wall? I'm leaning toward the top one, but not sure. Evie didn't look straight in either one. But these were definitely the 2 best. 
I felt pretty ridiculous being posed like this, and then laughed out loud when I saw it. Maybe I'll make it my phone wallpaper, haha. We did end up with a better one of the two of us though. Couple pictures aren't a thing we typically do. 
First thing we did when we got on the ship was get tickets for the princess meet and greet. They run out sometimes. Kiersten is always happy to see her favorite princess. Ariel said she's going to get a dress with Evie's face on it. They thought that was so funny. 
Belle is my favorite. 

We haven't ever gotten to meet Mulan on the ship before, so that was exciting. We watched her movie in the pool the night before, so that made Evie even more excited. I don't think we've ever seen her at the parks either. 
The tickets for Anna and Elsa are separate, but we were able to get some of those as well. It's nice to have an appointed time to show up and get it done instead of waiting in line forever. Though, I always feel bad when people show up that didn't know about the tickets. Seems pretty harsh to just send those excited little girls away, especially on a short trip, that they only have one meet and greet. You'd think they would build a little extra time on the end for the late comers, or hand out more tickets. 
Here are some formal night pictures at dinner. We sat with a nice family that had a daughter Kara's age. They were pretty fun to talk to, and had us laughing a lot. 
I originally told Kiersten no to those dangly penguin earrings. But she won me over and looked perfectly cute. 
Kara wanted her glasses on for every picture. She is such a sweetie. 
Here are our boarding pictures. We tried to be somewhat festive for Christmas Eve. 
We all had our bathing suits on under our clothes, but never went swimming that day. As soon as our rooms were ready, we just got changed back into regular underthings. 

Mickey Mania winners!!!

I'm glad we did the photo package, I was a lot less worried about getting pictures of everything, and just enjoyed the moments more easily. 


Bmills said...

Top One!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Great pictures. I agree, I like the top photo best.

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Great pictures. I agree, I like the top photo best.