Friday, March 13, 2015

Kiersten Baby turned 7!

Since the girls were not surprised and less than impressed by my decorating for Kara's birthday, I wanted to do something really fun for Kiersten to wake up to. So I woke up at 6AM to blow up balloons and put finger lights inside. Then I hung them in the hallway in front of her door.
The life for the lights is supposed to be 2 1/2-3 hours, but as of right now, they are still glowing and it's been more than 36 hours, so that is surprising. I guess I could have just done it at night after she went to bed, instead of waking up early to get it done.
I also streamered her door. She thought that was pretty fun. I realized my mistake when Kara asked, "so is this the new thing you're doing for our birthdays from now on?" Probably not, but now I may have to keep coming up with new things each time. Didn't think about that.
Kiersten woke up early because she was excited about turning 7. By the time the other girls woke up, it was getting bright outside, so they could barely see that the balloons were glowing. They were in for a treat when it got dark and they were glowing again, though.
Kiersten just showed up downstairs, and before I could say, "happy birthday", she said, "I saw my presents that were on the counter, but nothing else." I guess she thought she wasn't supposed to see her new bike, haha. I asked her if she'd noticed it, and she just grinned back a yes, so I assured her she was meant to find it when she came down.
It was "decades day" at school, so the kids were supposed to dress up in an outfit from their favorite decade. I had plans in my head for a 90's grunge look for Kara, but she set out her own version of 70's, so we just went with that. For some reason, she kept insisting that her hair be hanging in her face. I'm not entirely sure where she was pulling her reference from.
Then I thought I'd do a 90's look for Kiersten, but I got looking through my fabrics, and didn't have anything very 90's-ish. So we went 80's. I'm not really sure when she'll wear this get up again, but she did get lots of compliments. I put sooo much curl mousse and hairspray in her hair. Then I left the curlers in for extra long in hopes that it would stay curly. We also ratted it up a bit.

She had time to open a few gifts before school. I made sure one of them was the matching hair bow I made to match the dress.
Evie and Kara also had her open their gifts since they weren't going to her birthday party.
Evie gave her a cabbage patch kid dressed in a panda suit. Pandas are to her as cats are to Kara, if that tells you anything. Though she may be a little less extreme with it.
Kara gave her some new ear phones to use with her 3DS. She really gave her that because I made them use their own money and it was the cheapest thing.
We went with the high-tops and  varsity jacket to finish out the 80's theme. She was pretty excited to get to school and see which decades her friends had chosen. From what they said, it sounds like the 80's was a pretty popular choice.
After school we had such nice weather, so she decided to try out her new bike.
I had to stop her and explain that we adjust the pony tail to accommodate the helmet. We don't adjust the helmet to accommodate the pony tail.
She really wants those training wheels off, so we'll have to get out there for more practice.
Kara said several times that she is jealous of Kiersten's awesome new bike.

Evie was happy to ride the downhill part of the sidewalk over and over, but then she'd cry for me to come push her back up the other direction. Eventually I made her stick to riding around in the garage so I didn't have to keep chasing after her.
The mousse and hairspray apparently had no effect, and her hair was straight as always by the time she got home from school. It seriously looked like it hadn't even been curled. At all. Ever.
She requested tortellini for dinner again this year, and after dinner she opened the rest of her gifts.

Then we had her cake. I grabbed one from the store since she wanted cupcakes for her party, and I wanted her to still have something on her actual birthday. I thought I got a cheesecake because the label said," strawberry cream cheese cake", with strawberry cream on one line, and cheese cake on the lower line. I didn't realize it meant strawberry cream-cheese cake. So that was a funny moment when Ben cut into it and we figured out my mistake. The kids still enjoyed it, so I guess it wasn't the worst mistake in the world.
I can't even begin to put words to how much I love this sweet little thing! 

So now she's 7. SEVEN. And she'll never be 6 again, just like with 5 and 4...  SEVEN

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