Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My busy girl

Karalee was very excited to test for her orange belt in Tae Kwon Do on Friday.

She did great from what I could tell.
Ben was there and I think she was really trying to impress him. She was the most focused I've ever seen her.

She was awarded the orange belt, and I forgot to take a picture after she got it. She is very proud of herself, as she should be. She works very hard. I would have liked to stay and watch the rest of the testing to know what to expect for next time, but we had to hurry and get her to basketball practice.
Her first basketball game was on Saturday. The last 2 regular practices were canceled for snow/ice, so they got some practice in the night before.
It was a little rough, and the girls took some time to figure out what they were supposed to be doing. The ref had to stop the game and explain the rules several times, but they all seemed to catch on eventually.
Kara did a fair amount of standing around, and trying to figure out what to do, but she was definitely trying, and kept pace with the rest of the girls.

Not sure who she's guarding in this shot.
They only play 5 minutes at a time, and then sub out. So she never seemed to get too winded or tired out there. The score was tied at 10-10 with only a minute left, and Kara ended up making the tie-breaking, game-winning basket! So that was exciting for her and her friends were really cute all patting her head or hugging her. I think that boosted her confidence, and I noticed at this weeks practice she was taking more chances, so that's a good thing.