Thursday, December 25, 2014

It was Christmas Eve!

I wanted to make the girls something fun to wear this week. Evie's dress was made the day before the other two, but she wasn't willing to wait to wear it. So she got to be special on Monday in her new dress.
I really wish I'd used a different ribbon, but too late now. She still likes it even with this sad looking ribbon in back. 
I had the other girls' outfits ready for Tuesday. Kiersten is in love with this dress. I have lots of the fabric left over because the lady at JoAnns sold me the last of the bolt for half price, so I went ahead and got all of it. So I can probably make a few more things to match.
I am not happy with the way Kara's skirt turned out, but I can probably make a few changes to make it better.
They did a fun craft while I was working on some housework. They each made a Santa, Rudolph, and Bumble.
Turned out pretty cute if you ask me.
Then we made some Christmas candy, which is always fun, and time consuming.
I didn't give them very many color options this time, but they got tons made. I think this is the first time that I didn't make any with them. But the dishes aren't going to do themselves, so I did that instead.
On Christmas Eve, they got to wear their fancy dresses again. Since we didn't have a bow that matched Kiersten's dress, she asked me to make her one. I think it turned out cute, and she liked it.
Evie had to have a new bow as well. We had one that looked cute with her dress, but she wanted me to make her something.
Kara said she didn't need a bow, but I ended up making her a small one as well. She was very sweet, and wore it all night.
Ben came home from work early since it was Christmas Eve. He made the girls a yummy lunch, and they got to have sprite with a maraschino cherry, so that was fun for them.
Kara helped me bake some cookies for Santa. I told her to hold still for this picture real quick, and after, she said her hands were burning hot. Whoops...
My little Christmas loves.
They are always happy to get extra daddy time.
After dinner they decorated Santa's cookies. Then we drove around delivering treats to the neighbors. They like to ring the doorbell and run away before they can be seen, so it's a pretty lively endeavor.
Me and my matchy-buddy.
Kara wrote this note for Santa.
After we watched Muppets Christmas Carol and had some popcorn, the girls got to open their new jammies.

We also let them exchange their gifts for each other. They all did a great job of picking things their sisters loved.

All ready for bed!
Setting out the milk and cookies for the big guy.
Evie and Kiersten went to bed fairly early, but Kara got to stay up and watch Gremlins with Ben. She told me it wasn't that scary, but Ben said at one point she asked to go up to bed because she was so scared. She went to bed around midnight, but fell asleep fast.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like so much fun. And the girls looked very beautiful in their dresses.