Monday, October 13, 2014

On the Disney Magic!

We were able to board the Disney Magic around lunch time on Saturday. The girls couldn't be more excited.
The sail away deck party was great. Kiersten pouted through the entire thing for some reason. I think she gets a little overwhelmed being in such a large crowd of people.

It's always exciting when the kids get to see Mickey and friends!
Since we went in October, it was a Halloween cruise. The ship was decorated really cute.
Mickey came to dinner that evening. The lighting was weird, and he was running around, so I didn't end up with very good pictures. But it was a fun and lively dinner.
They love getting dessert every night on the cruise.

The kids wanted to hang out in the Oceaneers club, so Ben and I decided to go swimming. It's very nice to swim in the adults only pool. No feet to the face, etc.
Sailing away from Puerto Rico.

We decided to go to the adults scavenger hunt, and ended up winning. We are now the proud owners of Disney Cruise Line hats. Totally worth getting my bra stretched out by Ben's giant chest/arms. Later in the week we also won the newly wed game. I guess we were playing for glory, since the prize was a bottle of champagne neither of us wanted. So we ended up giving it to the actual newlywed couple who were on their honeymoon. I wont mention exactly how we got chosen to participate, but we had to act crazy to get the most applause. At the end Ben was voted by 60% as the guy the women would most like to spend 50 years with. He was pretty proud of that. He was a little less honored to be voted by 80% as the couple whose internet history everyone would most like to see.
I happened to look out the window just as a group of 7-8 dolphins were jumping past. The girls were super thrilled to see them. I didn't get out the camera fast enough to catch any for a picture though. Poor Kara was in the bathroom, and missed them.
Evie and Kiersten went to "Wake up with Disney Jr." Kara was not interested, so I took her to breakfast. The girls had a great time dancing with Dinsey Jr. characters.
Kara enjoyed the avengers area in the oceaneers club. She did the become Iron man game several times.
I also took Evie to play with Mickey and Minnie. Mickey danced with the kids.
Minnie did crafts with the kids.

The girls got to meet Anna and Elsa. It was nice that we only had to wait in line for about 5 minutes. A cruise is definitely a great way for them to meet characters. I don't know if I'd be willing to stand in line in one of the parks again.
Kiersten and Evie were too small to go on the big Aquadunk slide, but they had a great time on the smaller slide. Ben, Kara, and I all enjoyed the aquadunk. It wasn't even too bad on my sunburned back.
All you can eat ice cream is one of our favorite perks. The kids ate so much ice cream. Ben and I tried to control ourselves a bit more, so we wouldn't undo all of our hard work losing weight.
They love the big pool since they always show Disney movies up on the big screen. Since the cruise left out of Puerto Rico, several of the movies were shown in Spanish, so we had to keep an eye on the schedule to decide the best times to go up there. We did catch part of "Brave" in Spanish, but apparently 2 weeks of Rosetta Stone is not quite enough time to be able to understand spoken Spanish very well.
They always have formal night early in the week before people have been up to the buffet too much :) Kara thought it was the end of the world that I did her hair, so I just let her get away with small clips instead of bows.
Kiersten is never upset to get dressed fancy. It's actually one of the things she wrote about in her trip journal for school.

Ben was lucky to have such sharp looking dates!
They were so excited each night to see what kind of towel animals would be waiting in the stateroom.
We really liked being on the early dinner. It was nice for the girls to be able to go play in the Oceaneer Lab while Ben and I checked out different activities around the ship.

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