Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Saturday

We had a busy day on Saturday. Kara had her practice 5K for girls on the run. I decided to run it with her. She was excited and happy right before the race.
She had a hard time, and complained a lot, but she was proud to finish. Not even halfway through the first lap, she was telling me it was impossible. Now that she knows she can do it, I think she'll do better at her big race next month. I did have to hold her hand and drag her to keep her moving a few times, but when she was almost to the end, a few of her friends came back and ran with her, and that really worked to motivate her. She didn't want to act like a baby in front of them.
When she finally finished, there was one more girl running, so the team went back and ran with her to the finish line. I couldn't believe Kara went back and ran the end of the course again, with how she told me her legs were not working, and she couldn't even move just 2 minutes before. I pointed that out to her, so she would realize her "can't" was just in her head.
Team photo. Every girl finished.
They all did a cheer for the parents.
She was excited about her race certificate. Now she has proof that she can run 3 miles.
After the race, we went home and got the others and headed to 6 Flags for a few hours. I didn't take pics there, but the girls had a great time at the fright fest. We had to hurry back, though, so Kara could go to the "little ninjas" party at her Tae-Kwon-Do school. We droped her off there, and then took the 2 littles to Evie's preschool for trunk or treat. Evie decided to go as the pirate fairy, and Kiersten was Belle.

They had a great time playing all the games, and getting candy.
I can't remember which of them won the cakewalk. I think it was Evie, but they both ended up with cupcakes anyway.

I forgot to bring any decorations, so we didn't win the best trunk contest.
After Kara's party got over, my friend dropped her off at the preschool, so she could join us for the trunk or treat. She found a school friend, and headed off with her til it was time to go.

They all got to pick out a prize at the end, so Evie was really happy to get this little pink monkey.
It was a busy, but super fun Saturday, which seems to be the case for all the weekends in the fall. I keep wondering if we'll ever have a lazy weekend again. We may be waiting til it snows!

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