Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a few pics of the new house

We had the inspection tonight for our new house. This was the first time the girls have been out to see it. Evie wouldn't hold the "sold" sign right side up, but I still like this picture.
The girls loved sitting under this tree. They each had to take away a blossom when we left.
Ben wanted me to share this picture of the view off the deck. There is a wooded area right behind us, but our yard has a retaining wall and fence, so I feel that it will be a fairly safe yard. We do want to finish the fence around the sides of the yard though.
I included this picture because I am really excited to have storage! we didn't realize when we bought our last house that there was basically no storage. So I've been paying pretty close attention to that in every house we've seen. The garage has 2 upper storage areas like this, plus a wall of built ins.
It was hard to get the girls to realize that the furniture isn't going to be in the house. They kept getting excited about things, such as these chairs, clocks, stuffed animals. We had to keep reminding them that nothing will be there when we move in.
The mounted TV in this room is the one thing that actually does come with the house, which is nice, because it is wired into the wall, and all set up with directv, (which is what we use) and ready to go. So it'll be nice not to have to figure all of that out.
We haven't decide what we'll use this little front room for yet, but we will have to get some sort of furniture to go in there. Definitely not a couch, because that one that is currently in there makes it feel pretty cramped in there. They also have a piano in this room that all 3 girls tried to play. they were sad that we aren't going to have that piano when we move in.
There is a nice, large deck off the main floor, and also this area walking out from the basement. Kara already rolled down the hill several times and picked out where she wants to put a swing set.
the inspection went great, and the inspector could hardly believe that he couldn't find anything wrong. He kept saying how impressed he was that everything was done the right way. The oly thing he could think of was something on the roof that needs to be sealed, which we totally wont care if they don't fix, as it's a 5 minute, $3 job. but the realtor felt that it would be weird not to put anything to be fixed. So the sale should be pretty easy to go through by our closing date of May 2. We signed papers yesterday officially selling our spanaway house to the relo company, so even if the sale were to fall through on the buyer's end, it's off our hands. Now that the girls have seen the house and picked out their rooms, they are more than excited to move in. We have our move in date scheduled for may 4th. Of course we'll have better pictures after we move in/unpack.


Alli @ Cupcake Diaries said...

I love your house! It's so pretty. It looks like something out of a movie! I'm so happy for you guys! Can't wait till we get into a house again.

Josh and Jackie said...

Yay I love it I'm so excited to see all the pictures once you're all moved in.

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Your new home looks really nice and really big. I will be excited to see pictures of the rooms after you move in.