Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter decorating projects

The girls were really excited to have "Easter week" this week for their home school. For an art project, they made some Easter decorations to put up in the apartment.

We also made these envelope bunnies to put snacks in. Kiersten made an extra one for Whitney, so Kara made one for Tommy. They are very excited to show their cousins the bunnies when they arrive later this week. Tommy's bunny is to the far right, and has a yellow tooth, because Kara said, "he hates to brush his teeth". so I have no idea where she got that from.

I was getting tired of my boring, unpainted nails, so we bought some Easter colored nail polish at the store today, after we left the zoo. After lunch we all painted our nails. Kiersten is so pleased with her alternating purple and green fingers.
Evie got pink fingers, but it is impossible to get a picture of them, I guess. I took 8 different shots, and in every single one, she curled her fingers in at the last moment. this is the only picture that you can actually see one finger.
Kara used pink as well on her fingers, and copied Kiersten's purple/green combo for her toes, which made Kiersten kinda mad at first, til I explained it was cool that Kara thought her idea was good enough to copy.
All of our Easter toes. You wouldn't believe how hard this picture was to take! Notice Evie's cute little green piggies.
During Evie's nap, the girls made this Easter centerpiece. It was so easy for them. They didn't need any help, so I was free to straighten up while they made it. All I had to do was tie a bow around the flower pot once they had all their peeps skewered and placed.
We hung their suncatchers that they painted a few days ago in the window. Kiersten was sad that she couldn't reach as high as Kara.
We finally got scotch tape, so they were able to hang the decorations they made all over the apartment.
They wanted more decorations to tape up, so I had them trace their hand prints to make butterflies.
I had some peeps left over from their centerpiece, and also this green pot that a leprechaun left here on St. Patricks day full of candy. So I made some royal icing and "glued" the peeps around the edge of the pot. I tied a cute piece of ribbon around the edge with a bow. Kara thought it was hilarious to keep saying, "they're peeping over the edge at us". I didn't want to buy more flowers, and after searching through all the girls' stuff we have here, I decided to crochet a few large flowers. Then I just hot glued them onto skewers and decorated them with beads and easter embellishments, and stuck them down in the pot. It still looked a little bare, so I stuffed in a bit of yellow tulle left over from Kiersten's tutu, and ended up with this cute little easter decoration.
now we are decorated for Easter, and didn't have to spend more than a few dollars to get our sad little apartment looking cheery and fun. Tomorrow I think I'll check out pinterest for some fun easter treat ideas!


Anonymous said...

I have an Easter treat idea. How about Rice Krispie treats in the shape of an egg about the size of a fist then covered in melted milk chocolate?

Ben and Becky said...

ha! I already declined to make those, mr. anonymous...

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Cute decorations for your apartment and I'll bet the girls loved making them. Your crocheted flowers are cute, I need to learn how to make them.