Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 This weekend we drove out to Indiana for our niece Whitney's first birthday. She really likes Ben. He loves when babies like him. They usually love him or hate him. We didn't take very many pictures, but you can see some of the fun black and red decorations in the background. Nancy had everything decorated and super cute.
 Whitney loved her cupcake. It was pretty much gone before I even had a chance to see her eating it. For being such a little squirt, she is an amazing eater.
The girls got to meet their cousin Crue. Kiersten especially loved playing with him. he was so sweet to let Kiersten pretend he was her prince. it was nice for them to have a boy to play with. Kara was a little sick to her tummy during the party, but still had a great time. Poor Evie was sick too, and vomited all over me right at the start of the party, so our black and red outfits didn't last too long. It was fun seeing little Whitney open her gifts, and be the center of attention. and of course fun to spend time with family as well.

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VicandNanc said...

hehe, that is a cute picture of Ben & Whitney, will you email it to me?! ....I have internet for the moment!!! :)