Tuesday, June 1, 2010

woodland park zoo

One day last week the girls wanted to make hats. So I helped them make these "princess" hats. Ben thought they were supposed to be dunce hats.

We haven't been to the woodland park zoo in Seattle for 3 years, since the Tacoma zoo is so much closer, and we have a membership. On sunday we decided to take the girls up to woodland park, so they could see the african animals that we don't have at our zoo. The lions were one of the animals they were excited to see.

I forgot how big this zoo is, and we ended up spending over 4 hours there. I was pretty sore by the end of it.

While we were inside one of the buildings, this squirrel opened a compartment on our stroller, got into the girl's snack cup, and stole their goldfish crackers. Some ravens decided to help themselves too. The girls sure thought he was a sneaky and naughty squirrel.

The girls loved seeing this little bird eat seeds off a stick. It was really hot in there, though, so my camera lense kept fogging up. I have some really cute ones of Kara, but they are all foggy.

The gorillas were a big highlight of our visit. The girls especially loved this little baby that rode around on it's mom. This gorilla family had a dad, mom, big sister, and baby sister. Kara was excited that their family was like ours.

After seeing the gorillas, they wanted to play around on the gorilla statues for quite a while.

playing in the "zoonasium"

On monday, when we got back from grocery shopping, Kiersten got to throw away all of her binkys. She hasn't been using them for 2 weeks now. I figured we may as well just get rid of them so we (by we, I mean Ben) can't be tempted to give in and let her have them when she's crying.

She was a little hesitant about throwing them all away, but she loved all the praise and big girl comments she got for doing it.

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