Thursday, August 13, 2009

visit with the Howards!

We flew out to Salt lake late friday night to see Ben's grandparents. It was a fun weekend for all of us. The only bad part was when Grandpa Howard started shaking uncontrollably. We were all really worried, and he seemed scared, so Ben and Grandma took him to the hospital. It turned out that he had pneumonia. Luckily he recovered even faster than they thought he would, and he is home safe now. it was just a nerve wracking few hours waiting to hear if he was okay. I'm glad we were there to help Grandma make the decision that he needed to go, and for Ben to be able to take them there, and help her get around.
Before we left, the girls were helping me pack for the weekend. Kara wanted pictures of her funny faces she likes to do. So here are a couple of them. The dirty face makes them even sillier.

Then the girls decided to start trying on all of my shoes.

They both think it is so much fun. But Kara didn't think it was too fun we we got home and I made her clean up all the shoes.
Kara loves helping drag the suitcase. that's the main reason I always pack her own little bag with treats and games and toys. we could fit all that in our carry-on bag, but I want her to have something to carry around the airport.
More silly faces at the Howard's!
Kara spent a lot of time following Grandpa around and asking questions. Of course, I had to do a bit of interpreting for him. She was very concerned while he was in the hospital over night, and very excited to see him arrive home okay.
Grandma was thrilled that Kara wanted to put together this states puzzle she found. She said she likes to keep these types of learning toys around, but they don't get used too often.
Of course the girls got spoiled with snacks and drinks while we were there. Here is Kiersten enjoying a juice box.
It was really nice to just hang out, play games, and relax with them. It was just like old times when we lived in SLC, and would go over there every week. It was fun to have the girls interact with their great-grandpa more than they usually get to.
We wanted a picture of all of us together before we left for the airport. I wish we could visit more often!
(I know that shirt is way baggy on me, but I was just grabbing something comfy for traveling, and I forgot this had been a nursing shirt, so it got way stretched out. I had to be careful bending forward at the airport, he he he)

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VicandNanc said...

This looks like such a great weekend & I love the picture you got of all of you together at the end. Everyone looks good :)