Sunday, July 12, 2015

Visit wih Papa and Grams

Kerry and Lana came out to visit us last week. We had a great time with them! We decided to go to the zoo. It was a very hot day. The sting rays were pretty active, so that was fun. Ben bought some food so the girls could feed them. They were a little scared.

The new polar bear exhibit was open, so we checked that out.

On another day, we decided to drive through Lone Elk park. We did see a few bison hiding back in the trees, but couldn't get too great a view of them.
But we were thrilled to happen upon this family of raccoons. They were pretty cute. Further down the road, the girls spotted another one getting into a trash can. He popped out with a happy meal, which he took back to his tree. They got a kick out of that. They have been talking about it all week, and telling all their friends.
Lone Elk didn't take very long, and we saw fewer animals than we thought we would, so we also stopped by the World Bird Sanctuary. It was a pretty temperate day for walking around, so that worked out well.

I think we ended up counting 11 bald eagles while we were there. That's the only bird they kept track of how many we saw.
I love all of the artwork/donations that are displayed everywhere.

Bald eagle #12???

They sure liked these chickens with funny haircuts.
Kiersten had the best attitude of the day, and was just so happy to be there. She can be such a sweetie.
They even had a few Dodo birds!
The girls liked this particular Dodo the best.
We always have to have a tea party when Papa and Grams are here. The girls were very excited for it, and asked every day until we finally let them host the party.
We also got to take them to their first major league baseball game. It was a pretty nice day for a game. They even got a souvenir replica world series ring to take home. We were sad that they had run out of the rings before we arrived, but a nice couple gave them one of theirs.

Poor Kara is having a rough time adjusting to her braces. She can't eat most of her favorite snacks. She already popped a bracket by eating chips, so we are now being very strict. But we've found a few things that she likes. No popcorn, chips, nuts, chewy candy, or gum.
We rarely stay for the entire game when we have the girls with us, but we wanted to stay for fireworks, so we made it through the entire game. The Cardinals lost, but it was still very enjoyable.
The fireworks were pretty great, and the girls were just happy to be spending the evening with their grandparents.

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