Monday, July 6, 2015

Father's Day of Fun

The girls were excited about giving Ben his Father's Day gifts this year. Kiersten gave him a picture frame she painted with a picture of the 2 of them inside. 

Evie was very excited to give him a new basketball. It wasn't hard to talk her into wanting to give him that. 
They also helped me make breakfast for him. 
Karalee gave him a best dad trophy. She thought it was pretty cool. I'm not sure what he'll do with it. I guess maybe display it in the basement?
These 3 hooligans sure love their daddy!
We went to see Inside Out with some of our friends. It was a cute movie and I think everybody liked it. The girls were excited about this display for the upcoming Peanuts movie. I guess that's another one we'll have to take them to see when it comes out. 
I'm not sure my kids even have any clue who the Peanuts are, but they sure thought it was cool to sit in this chair. After the movie, Kara wanted to take Ben out for pizza. So we had lunch with friends, and then enjoyed the rest of the day together at home. 

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