Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year happenings

I wanted to get a few pictures of Kara riding her new electric scooter. She loves zooming around the neighborhood, though it seems to go a little too fast, and has caused me no small amount of anxiety watching her ride it.
We had some nice days at the beginning of the month, but it's been too cold for her to ride the past week. She's just itching to get back out there, though.
A hospital picture of Evie waiting to get her stitches. She was the sweetest little patient, and quite well behaved for being there for 5 hours.
On New Year's Day the girls made some gingerbread men. They turned out pretty cute.

On the last Friday of winter break Kara and I had appointments with the eye doctor, so I took the girls to lunch afterward.
When we got home, they wanted to do makeovers. So I pulled out a bunch of old/rarely used makeup. Kiersten did Evie's.
I got to do Kara's makeup, and it was kind of funny how concerned she was about what I was doing. When she saw the final product, she was pretty happy with it. Maybe too happy, because she attempted to give the same makeover to Kiersten.

Evie had a great time drawing on my face with eyeliner. That's pretty much all she did, so it didn't take much to wipe it off afterward.

You can sort of see some of the scribbling. It was hard to get a picture, she had such a light touch, and used mostly brown eyeliner.
Kiersten was really happy about her makeup before she looked in the mirror. When she finally saw herself, she was upset that Kara made her look like a zombie.
She wouldn't even smile for a group shot :( I added some color to her eyelids, and removed the makeup under her eyes, and she was happy after that. I had to be sneaky so Kara wouldn't see me fixing her up.
After makeovers we played board games while we waited for Daddy to come home. It was a pretty fun winter break, and we're all a little sad that it's over.

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