Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just a warm January weekend

Since it was so cold the first few weeks of the year, we were all very excited to have a nice, warm weekend. It was even better that it fell on a 3 day weekend. The girls played outside every day, and boy did they need it. On Sunday we decided pick up lunch and head to the park.
I was surprised we were the only ones there, being the first non-freezing weekend for quite a while, but we did pick a less popular park.
My favorite thing about this picture is the look on Evie's face. I tried this out too, and it's pretty hard not to let your feet drag on the ground when you're taller than the bar.

Evie didn't want Ben to let go of her. She was elated as she rode to the end, then let go and cried when she fell to the ground. She stood up and immediately asked to ride again, like kids do.

I was asking Kara what was so fun about this toy, since she kept going back to it. It looked lame. So I tried it out, and was surprised it was actually pretty fun. Who cares if you look like a weirdo while playing on it?

Kiersten was nervous to slide down the pole, though I'm certain it's something she's done several times in the past.
I'm glad we were able to get out while the weather was nice. It's still pretty warm this week, so we'll have to try to take advantage again while we can.

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