Sunday, August 3, 2014

Zoo and Cardinals game

We decided to take Makayla to the zoo on Thursday. It was pretty busy, so we had to park kinda far away. But it was a great day once we got there. 

The hippos are always a big hit.
The elephants were very lively, running around, and diving into the water. We watched them for a long time.
Makayla, seeing what it's like to live in a hole in the ground.


We have never seen the red panda out of the tree or running around at all. So that was exciting for the kids.
This baby zebra was adorable. It was still getting the hang of walking.

A few of the kangaroos had Joeys in their pouches. The girls just loved that. One of the Joeys kept popping out, and the mama was punching it back in there. I don't even know how long we watched them, but it's definitely where we stayed the longest.
On Friday we took Makayla to a Cardinals game. It was another gorgeous day.

Me and Kayla

The kids watched more of the game than they have in the past. I didn't feel like they were just there for the snacks. (Though they certainly didn't turn any down.)
We beat the Dodgers. It was a great game.
It was so much fun having her visit. I hope she had fun running around with our silly family.

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