Monday, August 11, 2014

K & K go back to school

Kara started 3rd grade today, and Kiersten started 1st. They were both really excited this morning. Kara woke Ben and I up bright and early. She really wanted her hair waved, and I thought it turned out pretty cute.
She is excited about her new back pack. She's super into animal prints lately.
Sweet Kiersten slept in as long as I let her. She is always a little sleepy head. She had wanted her hair curled, but she slept in too late, so we didn't have time. There's always tomorrow, though.

Evie insisted on wearing new clothes too, even though her school doesn't start for a few weeks. And of course, she needed a picture too.
Everyone was cheerful and excited at the bus stop this morning.
Love these sweet girlies!
Time to get on the bus!
The bus driver seemed very nice and friendly. Hopefully we can keep the same one all year.
Kiersten peeping out the window
On the walk home, Evie decided to surprise her little friend with a hug. He wasn't too into it. She definitely caught the poor guy off-guard.
 Evie told me several times that she wasn't sad that the girls went to school. I didn't ask her, but she just kept bringing it up randomly. But when I called her down to go to the gym, she had clearly been crying. But I think she did enjoy having all my attention today. She asked if we could make cookies for after the girls got home. That seemed like an easy enough request. She was very anxious for them to get home and be surprised by the cookies.
They were definitely happy to enjoy some cookies and milk while telling me all about their first day. Kara's most exciting news was that one of her friends wore the same outfit as her (which in a few years, she probably wont be as excited about), and another friend has the same water bottle as her. Kiersten's most exciting news was that she won 5 tickets playing bingo, and got a purple card, which means she was well behaved. Evie's most exciting news was that she played with a new girl at the gym, and when she played barbies, she got to talk for all of the barbies herself. My most exciting news was that I got lots of housework done, and got in a great work out. No one was impressed.

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