Friday, February 10, 2012

We had my brother Nic, his 2 friends, and some friends of ours over for the superbowl on sunday. It was a fun time, and Ben was pretty happy with the outcome of the game. Of course I didn't remember to take pictures while everyone was over, but I did take a few before the party.
Evie's jersey is too small, but Ben really wanted her to wear it, so she just wore it without the snaps between the legs done up. These 2 did look pretty cute together. Ben has now lost over 40 lbs, and is looking good!

Kara absolutely refused to wear her jersey, and Kiersten was sad that she doesn't have one, so that problem was easy to solve by Kiersten wearing Kara's jersey. It kind of matched with mine, so we had to get a picture. Ben is kicking my butt in our weight loss competition, but I'm still proud of my 31 lbs lost. I still think I have a chance to catch up and beat him to losing 50 lbs.

The kids were kind of scared of Nic's friends, but they warmed up to him right away. Evie spent a lot of time following him around, and begging to be picked up.

Kara made chocolate chip cookies for the party, and Kiersten made chocolate dipped strawberries. She was so proud, and had to tell everyone that she had made them.

I had a different idea I saw on pinterest, but it involved white chocolate, which I thought I had, but didn't. so we improvised, and just tried to dress them up like little footballs. They looked better the night before.

On monday, Ben found out that he got a promotion at work, that is taking us to St. Louis. His first day there is feb 27th, so it's going to be a quick move. Our renters down in our spanaway house, also decided to break their lease, and move out this past weekend. so we are busy with those 2 things right now. When we have more details about when we're moving exactly, and get the logistics figured out, I'll probably be doing another post. We are super busy and stressed out, but also really excited to be moving and for Ben to be getting this promotion that he has deserved for a really, really LONG time!


VicandNanc said...

Your face is really showing your weight loss. That is probably my favorite place to lose weight! I forget... what is the prize for who reaches 50 lbs first?

Sam and Brent said...

Congrats on the promotion! That will be so exciting for you guys. Brent is so happy for Ben and said he definitely deserved it!! I can't wait for updates on the move :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I love that you wore your jerseys for the foot ball game. The football strawberry's looked good, and I'd like to try making those next year. You and Ben are doing great losing weight. It's too bad I wasn't competing with you. Moving is so stressful, I hope everything works out. I miss you all.