Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Valentine's evening

I spent most of Valentine's day cleaning our rental home in spanaway. The tenants didn't clean at all when they left, and left some damage, so I've been busy down there every day since they moved out. After working hard down there, I picked the girls up from school. They were super excited to tell me all about their party at school. When we pulled into the garage, daddy was standing in there with 3 balloons waiting for us. That really added to the girls' excitement once they spotted him. He also had some stuff for the girls that he ordered online. Kiersten got a hoodie, Kara got 2 night gowns, and Evie got a special Mickey mouse.

The girls were really happy with their heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and valentine's themed pillows and blankets.

We took a video of Evie getting her Mickey out of the box. She was so cute and happy. I just wish I could have gotten her to smile for a picture with him afterward!

Here they are with their balloons from daddy. Every time I snapped a picture, someone pulled down on their ballon and got blocked out. This was the best one I ended up with.

Of course we had to get a heart pizza, as we always do. This one was barely shaped like a heart. Someone really didn't feel like going to a lot of trouble with it.

I already got my gift from Ben last week. the first day we were down in spanaway to do a walkthrough with our tenant, Ben surprised me on the way home by stopping at the jewelry store. I got to pick out some fun new earings. I chose a set of diamond hoops, and I am thrilled with them! Ben kept saying he was looking for a starbucks to get wifi on my kindle. I was totally annoyed, and kept saying, "let's just go home and use the internet". Then he seemed to be pulling into costco, and I reminded him we canceled our membership there. He said he thought there was a starbucks around there. As we pulled up to the jewelry store, I said, "there's no starbucks in there". he just laughed and told me why we were there. I felt pretty silly for being so annoyed with him, and being so oblivious.


VicandNanc said...

Haha, that's too funny about the starbucks! Looks like lots of fun spoils for Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

where's the picture of your present?

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Ben out did himself for Valentine's Day. You had lots of fun Valentine stuff and gifts.

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I miss the girls and it's nice to be able to see so many pictures of their lives. Thanks for posting them.