Friday, April 1, 2011

little april fools

Kara's school is having a "goofy day" in honor of April fool's day. They were all told to wear something silly to school. Kara really wanted to wear daddy's shoes, pants, or his sock on her head. Since I couldn't think of a way to make any of those things practical for her to wear all day, She ended up picking out a kooky outfit and I did her hair goofy too. Of course Kiersten had to follow her example. Kara wore a halloween shirt backward, a skirt with tights, 2 different colored socks, Evie's leg warmers on her arms, and 3 pony tails. Kiersten just wore 2 different socks. Then Kara talked her into wearing one of Evie's leg warmers on one arm, and daddy's sock on the other arm. I made her take off the sock when we went to the gym, but let her keep the leg warmer. She got lots of attention from all the kids in the gym daycare. I gave them their cereal with forks and no milk. They thought that was pretty silly. I'm trying to come up with a fun idea for dinner. I need to start thinking about these things in advance.
Kara wanted a shot to show that her shirt is a halloween shirt. She thought that was the funniest part of all, since it isn't halloween. She directed her hairdo to make sure I did it just how she was envisioning it.
I told her the outfit made for a silly enough picture, but she wouldn't hold a straight face for me. I'm excited to pick her up from school to see what she thought of the plastic spider I put on her sandwich.
Kiersten said she wanted crazy hair, but when I started to do it, she kept crying and saying that doesn't look beautiful. So this is as goofy as she'd let me get it. She had a hard time picking out shoes. I agreed they could each wear 2 different shoes, but somehow Kiersten could only find right shoes. finally I had to help her find a shoe for the left foot, after she tried at least 6 times to get one.
we had a sunny day last week, so we had to play outside, of course. This is why we call her "Kiersten Beiber" She is always shaking her head to get that hair out of her face.

She found this rock and asked if she could add it to her rock collection. I agreed, though I was unaware of any rock collection. When we went in the house, she said, "wait! my rock collection!" she ran and picked up this rock again, which is when I realized that the collection consisted of just this one rock. I told her she'd have to keep it outside by the door. Later, it started hailing, and she was quite concerned about it getting ruined out there. She was happy to see it was just fine the next day.
Evie got to crawl around in the grass. She got all wet and muddy, since it rains every day, and it never has a chance to dry out. But she enjoyed herself out there.
Ben helped Kiersten make this little foam Easter house she picked out at the store. they seemed to have a pretty good time putting it together.
this is how it turned out.

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