Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In the april fool's day post, I mentioned I'd try to do something fun for dinner. So here is what I came up with thanks to family fun's website. The girls were pretty thrilled to see cupcakes were for dinner. Since we aren't all meatloaf fans, I just did my meatball recipe, and cooked the girls' in cupcake liners. The "frosting" is mashed potatoes, and you can't really see the shredded carrot on top for sprinkles. Kara kept saying how delicious her cupcake was until we told her it was really a meatball. Then she tried to say she didn't like it, and wanted a regular meatball like mom and dad were eating. since they had dessert for dinner, I gave them dinner for dessert. These are nilla wafers with chocolate icing for the patty, laffy taffy for the lettuce and cheese, and red icing for the ketchup. I saw several different versions of this online, so I just decided to use things the girls like, and I thought would taste okay together.
I also did white chocolate and starburst eggs, and tootsie roll and caramel bacon. Kara was so excited to see bacon. But as she picked it up, she sadly declared that it was plastic. I told her to bite into it, and she cheered right up as she realized it was candy bacon.
I didn't end up tasting the little burgers, but the girls said they were good.

Kiersten falling asleep in a weird spot yet again. I can't figure out how she gets comfortable enough to fall asleep.
Since the girls have been wanting to play video games and watch tv a lot lately, I declared yesterday to be a no tv day. They also didn't get to play any video games, including their leapsters. So they ended up having a lot of fun finding things to do, such as playing ring around the rosie with Evie. She LOVED it.

they also played tag, hide and seek, I spy, animal guessing game, and did cool tricks. We also played some board games. Here are some of their cool tricks they came up with.

this little girl is sure being a cutie today. she has just recently started foot tapping and bouncing up and down when she hears music. My camcorder was dead, so I got a few pictures of her dancing around.
I just love her, she's my little sweetheart!


joshua said...

You are by far the MOST creative person I've ever known!...That candy bacon looks so real and I love everything you did...So so fun I love making things fun like this for the kids I need to do a better job like you!...I can't wait to see you guys too and I didn't even know I was wearing THE color of the season...LOL love ya Jackie

joshua said...

Sorry this is jackie

VicandNanc said...

Way to be on top of it! I wanted to surprise Vic with bacon or some sort of fun treat, but just didn't feel motivated enough to try it. Maybe when my kids get older?!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

Wow Becky, I'm impressed. I have never done an April Fool's dinner, and you made a really creative one. Everything looked great. The bacon looked so real. The girls are beautiful, I'm glad they had a no TV day :)