Monday, March 14, 2011

San Diego

For the first few days of our trip, we were in San Diego. Our hotel was right next to Sea World. That was nice to be able to get there in a 5 minute car ride, and for Ben a few times, a 15 minute walk. The girls loved being in a hotel. They wanted to go swimming every day. They also liked eating and playing out on the balcony. We got in later than we expected on thursday, so we decided to just explore San Diego, since Sea World closes at 5 anyway. I loved it when we were walking across a sandy parking lot, and Kara asked, "do they call it San Diego because it's so sandy everywhere?" We had lots of fun in "old town". We mostly walked around the Fiesta de reyes.
Ben forgot to bring a hat, so he was looking for one to buy. Kara really wanted him to get this one, but he declined.
The next pictures are from the San Diego Zoo. It was pretty fun. We don't have african animals at PDZA, so the girls were exited about those animals. We took a bus tour to see a lot of the animals, and then walked around to see as many more as we could. It is a huge zoo.

We all loved this hippo and her little baby. He was sure a cutie.
Here we are at Sea World with Penny the penguin.
Vicky on the raft ride. We all got soaked on this one.
The orcas were my personal favorite. Kara liked them more than Kiersten did. I was worried about Evie because we sat in the "splash zone" both whale shows we went to, but we were high enough that we didn't end up getting wet afterall.

This was the best ride at Sea World. We could see it from our hotel, and Kiersten kept referring to it as "Kara's waterslide", because she had gone on it twice.
the sea lion show was entertaining for all of us.
Kara absolutely loved the dolphins. Kiersten liked them because there was a princess story line to the show.
The kids were excited to meet big bird and elmo.


Josh and Jackie said...

Fun you all look so good...That vacation looks like it was a ton of fun..I can't wait for Cash to get a little older and go on more vacations with him.

VicandNanc said...

Wow, Big Bird is really big! I wonder how it works as far a person being stuffed in there & trying to walk around! I am jealous of the whale & dolphin shows. They are such beautiful creatures & I've never seen one up close like that.