Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Kiersten and Kara had fun making welcome home cards for Daddy on Friday. They were so excited for him to see them and the rice krispie treats we made for him. I was so glad to finally see him after a week away. Friday was a really busy day. I ended up having to take both girls to my dr. appt with me, which was at 3:45. I had them both asleep in the stroller when I got there, but I ended up waiting til after 5 to see the doctor, so they woke up, and were getting very restless by the time I saw her. She rushed through the appt. a bit, most likely because of two whiny kids. She is concerned that I might be getting preeclampsia again with this pregnancy. I had it with Kara, but not Kiersten. Her main concern was my blood pressure, but I think it may have been high because I was so annoyed at waiting so long and having the girls there with me. I also had a few other symptoms, so we will see where it's at when I go back in two weeks. After the appt, I had to hurry up to fife for Kara's ballet rehearsal. It was really disorganized, and I was pretty frustrated. They insisted we get there by 6:30, and it took all of 2 minutes to get Kara into her costume. (after which, they didn't want her having any snacks, and we still hadn't had dinner.) Then, her group didn't get to practice until after 7:30. Of course Kiersten was acting up, but who can blame her? It was so nice to get home to Ben and dinner, and just unwind from the long day. He even let me go to bed early, and took care of the girls' bedtime.

On thursday, I got these pretty flowers from Ben. They were for mother's day, but he opted to have me get them a few days early. The girls were really excited about them too. Kara actually tried to take credit for them, but when I talked to Ben on the phone, he said she hadn't known anything about it. So funny. Now these flowers are blooming so beautifully, but I haven't taken another picture.
On friday, I got these pretty flowers from my parents for mother's day. I love having all these beautiful, fresh flowers in my house. I took this picture before I cut the stems down. They are looking prettier every day.
On sunday, Ben and the girls made me a yummy pancake breakfast, although I opted to eat it in the kitchen instead of bed, to avoid crumbs. silly, I know. The girls gave me new oven mitts, potholders, and kitchen towels which I really needed. Ben helped them pick out very nice ones for me. We had a nice, relaxing day together. It was a great mother's day.
I just love these two girls! Kara has spring break this week, so it has been nice to sleep in a little later than usual. Kiersten went pee in the potty 3 times yesterday, and so far twice today. Next week, I am going to go to full days of training. I bought her some stickers today, and plan on making her a potty chart to earn a fun reward.
Kara always wants her picture taken. I don't know that she'll grow up to be a model, though, with her crazy poses she loves to do.

On grocery shopping days, I usually check the discount pastry cart for the girls. If they are good at the store, I buy them some day old donuts for cheap. Here's my cute baby with a chocolate face.


VicandNanc said...

Those pictures of Kara's poses crack me up! You definitely need to save those for her future boyfriends :) I'm glad you had a nice mother's day too.

Josh and Jackie said...

Kara could easily be a model when she grows up! She is so adorable and I bet she will be tall.