Tuesday, December 22, 2009

making candy

Kara and I had lots of fun making Christmas candy. Of course we had to do Kara's favorite chocolate suckers. She gets better and better at them every time we make them. Here are some of the finished candies. I sent these to work with Ben for his coworkers. This year I decided to make some candy from my Grandma's cookbook. Her fudge was super easy to make and turned out really yummy. I also made those pink cloud things. They are pretty good too. I remember eating them when I would visit her as a little girl. Ben thought they were a little weird. Her cookbook is great because everything is very simple, and calls for everyday ingredients that I usually have already.
yesterday the girls were watching cartoons together on the couch. This is a rare thing lately. Usually one would be pushing the other away angrily, so I had to capture the moment.
I had to put this one, because I love the look on Kiersten's face.
Here is a shot of Kiersten showing me that something yucky came out of her nose. Ben really loves this new jacket of hers.

that's all for now! I've got way too much stuff to do before Christmas, and going to Utah!

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Troy and Rachelle said...

They ar eso cute!! I love using Grandma's cookbook, too. I usually make her Christmas Cookie logs but I haven't gotten around to it this year. Your Candy all looks yummy!!