Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Kara got to decorate a little tree for our upstairs family room and one for her bedroom. We unplugged her night light, and for the rest of the month, she gets to have a Christmas tree for a night light. On thursday, Ben had an office Christmas party at a bowling alley. The girls had lots of fun. Kiersten loved the bowling part, but hated the waiting for everyone else to bowl part. She had pigtails for the second time ever.
Ben had to help her throw the ball.
Kara did pretty well, but she did have a few extremely slow moving rolls.
Here she is coloring between turns. Kara is so well behaved compared to Kiersten.
On friday, Kara had a Christmas open house at school. The kids sang Christmas carols and then had a gift exchange. Kara is the one sitting to the right of the white pole.
Here is her teacher handing out her gifts to the children. they all got books and activity pages to do over Christmas break.
All of the kids were to bring in 12 little gifts, and then they were all individually wrapped and put into one big bag for them to open. She got lots of fun little things.
Saturday, Ben took the girls to buy Christmas gifts for each other and then took them out to lunch, while I stayed home doing housework. They had a fun day together. then on Sunday, Ben woke me up to tell me his sister, Nancy was in labor and at the hospital. We got a few updates from Victor throughout the day, and then we had to start getting ready for a dinner party. We finally got the news that little Tommy was born an hour or two before our guests arrived. We are so excited to have a new little nephew, and can't wait to meet him. The few pictures we've seen so far are super cute! We had a few friends over with their kids for dinner, and it was a fun evening. Kara and Kiersten loved having other kids around to play with. 5 little boys to be exact. It was a nice evening, and after everyone left, Ben played Fire Emblem. I like to watch him play that game, but it puts me to sleep every time. Ben didn't get a lot of sleep, due to his throat hurting, and when I woke up at 2:30 AM, he was still awake. He finally got to sleep a few hours later, but ended up calling in sick to work the next day. There had been a snow storm the night before, but it was mostly gone in the morning, so we went up to sam's club for some shopping. I got my flu shots finally, and boy, was my arm sore by the end of the day. Yesterday was basically just a stay home and clean day for the girls and me. Today, I'm hoping to get the rest of the laundry folded and finish wrapping Christmas gifts. We are so excited to go to utah for Christmas this year. I just hope there wont be too much trouble with our flights. This is the notorious time of year for flights being canceled and delayed. But it is worth the trouble to get to see everyone.

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