Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The girls were so cute on halloween this year. Kara wanted to be a witch, so we dressed Kiersten as a black kitty. scary vampire teeth
We went to a halloween party thrown by some of Ben's coworkers. Kelly's baby had the same costume as Kiersten. They were 2 cute little kittens.
Kara playing with some of the other kids. They all had so much fun.
They loved this decoration, but were also scared of it. All the kids spent lots of time turning it on, and the shutting the door when they got scared.
Ben and I dressed up this year too.
Kiersten interrupting photos, by taking off her diaper.
In the store this outfit looked like a cute outfit, but not overly sexy. I guess all the other ones were way worse. But when I put it on, I decided I should layer under it so I wouldn't look like some skanky mom trick or treating with my kids.
Kara loves this year's costume. She got to wear it to school the day before. I thought it was funny that at her school, there were 2 witches, 2 pirates, 2 tinkerbelles, and 2 chickens. There were a few other kids that didn't have the same costume as anyone else.
Kiersten made such a cute kitty. She even let me paint her face, and happily, is no longer afraid of her costume.
Here she is playing with a shoelace while waiting to go trick or treating. I sent Kara out with Ben first to the the further away houses. Then they came back and we all went around in our neighborhood. Both of the girls thought it was fun to answer the door and hold the candy bowl for the other trick or treaters.
Kiersten trying to sneak some sweets. Too bad she doesn't know how to open them.
action shot
of course they loved the houses that were most decorated.
we take turns going to the door with them and waiting on the sidewalk.

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VicandNanc said...

Oh, I didn't get the witch & her black kitty thing before... very clever! It looks like they had a blast with Halloween.