Friday, November 13, 2009

Disney on Ice

Yesterday was a pretty fun and busy day for us. In the morning, Kara had her first dentist appt. It went very well. She loved all the attention she was getting, and she had no cavities. I took the girls to lunch at McDonald's because we have a whole bunch of coupons for free items there that will be expiring soon. I let them play for a long time so they would get tired and take naps. After nap time, we drove up to meet Ben at work in Tukwila. We went to dinner at spaghetti factory with Kelly and her hubby and baby. After dinner, we headed down to Kent to take the girls to Disney on Ice. It was the worlds of fantasy themed one. It was really fun. I thought they would like it, but I didn't know how much they would love it. Here they are waiting for the show to begin. I was worried that Kiersten might act the way she does at the movies, but she loved every second. She kept saying, "wow!" and waving to the characters and saying hi. One of the highlights for me was when Donald duck came skating out, and she excitedly said, "Donny!" and pointed out at him. She was really cute clapping and watching the entire 2 hour show.
Ben bought this crown for Kara. He got Kiersten an Ariel necklace.
I like this profile shot of Kiersten watching the cars driving around on the ice.
This Tinkerbelle hat came with some cotton candy Ben got the girls. Now Kara has something to wear to crazy hat day at school next week. I've been wondering what I would send for her. None of her hats are very crazy.
Lightning McQeen and Mater both got lots of applause when they came driving out.
under the sea. this was one of the most lively and colorful scenes.
I thought they would be just skating around, but there were lots of great lifts, jumps, and spins. It was very impressive. This is Ariel and Eric.
baby Simba and his parents at the beginning of Lion King.
Ben and I were both surprised how much of each story they were able to get in. We also were impressed by pumbaa.
some of the fairies in pixie hollow. Kara kept asking the whole time when she would see Tinkerbelle. This was definitely her favorite part of the show.
Tinkerbelle flying around. She even landed on the ice in her skates.
The grand finale. The main Disney characters came back out at the end of Tinkerbelle's story.

This was a really fun thing to do with the girls and I would definitely go to it again if they come around again next year. It was very worth the money.


VicandNanc said...

Ya, this does look really good. Maybe we'll have to plan our next visit around it!!!

Ariane said...

Jonas saw commercials for that and wanted to go, but we're going to Imagination Movers in Dec. I'm glad you had a good time. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether kids will enjoy things you think they will.