Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkin farm

I went with Kara's class on a field trip to a pumpkin farm yesterday. It was supposed to be monday, but it got postponed for rain. Some of the parents who had volunteered to drive, could no longer go with the day change, so I said I would drive. Here is their cute class arriving at the pumpkin farm. They each had a buddy to hold hands with every time we walked from place to place. Kara and her buddy just happened to be the two slowest walkers. The other kids would hustle along, and these two would lag behind, talking to each other and admiring everything they saw. I didn't mind, because I was usually back there with Kiersten anyway.
Kiersten wandering. She was trying to touch every pumpkin at first, but had to give up eventually.
Kiersten admiring a really big turkey. She was really cute with all the animals. She would wave and say "hi" while giggling, and for some of the animals, she would make their animal sound.
Kara and her buddy posing in the snow white exhibit. They had lots of little scenes set up with the pumpkins, especially lots of fairy tales and nursery rhyme themesAfter lunch, they all played on this big pile of wood chips. They were really soft from the rain. Here is Kara riding down the hill on a little car. Some of the kids were flipping over, and crashing, but no one cried or got seriously hurt. It was upsetting at first, then I realized they were not going to be injured.
Here is the class in the corn maze. It was themed with the story of the ginger bread man. The storyline was supposed to give you hints about the correct way to go, but the kids didn't really get that. We were lost in there FOREVER. It seemed like it to me because Kiersten was afraid and crying most of the time. We saw some of the displays in there 6 or 7 times, but eventually made it out.
Kiersten was my buddy for the day. She wouldn't wear her gloves at first, so I let another little girl wear them. When her hands started getting cold, another mom had these socks for her to use.
One of the kids pulling Kiersten in a wagon. This is the little girl that got to ride with us in our car.
I got stuck setting up the bowling pins over and over for all the kids to have a turn. Then they all started wanting another turn. I was stuck there for quite a while, before I could convince two of the boys that they could set up the pins on their own.

It was a fun day, and both of the girls got to buy a pumpkin. Kara got the biggest of her class. They each had to bring $2, and Kara spent $1.20 of hers. None of the other kids went over a dollar. They had to be able and willing to carry the pumpkins, so most of them went pretty small. Kiersten's only cost $0.65, so we used what was left of Kara's money. I'll post some pictures when we get them carved.


VicandNanc said...

That is a great deal on pumpkins!! Ours were pretty pricey & they weren't even that nice. That sounds like a fun day. I wish we had time for something like that!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

It looks like it was a really fun field trip to the pumpkin farm.