Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Last night I went to bed in tears at midnight. It is getting so frustrating to get Kara to go #2. It stems from a year and a half ago, when she had a few rectal prolapses. Long story short, she pushed so hard that her rectum came outside of her body. It was painful for her, and I understand why. We got her constipation under control with miralax, and a diet recomended by her doctor. I don't think she actually remembers the prolapses, (although she might) but she definitely remembers that pooping hurts and is scary. I feel like I've tried everything. She was fine for 8 or nine months, and then around easter, it began to be a problem again. She just doesn't want to go. She no longer has a problem with the stools being hard, it's just that she always holds it in as long as possible, and then still tries to keep it in as it's forcing it's way out. Gross topic, I know, but I'll take any suggestions at this point. When I give her miralax, it turns to liquid and she has no choice in the matter of it coming out. She also has no time to get to the bathroom, and I don't want to be cleaning up anymore messes. But I can't just let her not go, because she could develop more serious health problems. I've been trying to reason with her, and explain that holding the poopie in makes it hurt, and letting it out makes it stop hurting, but that isn't working. She just screams and screams that she doesn't want it to come out. I've tried bribing her, but when she's on that toilet, there is nothing in the world that she wants enough to push the poopie out. Ben has even had to push on her stomach to make her go, which is the method I hate most, but have to admit, it sometimes works. But all of these things seem to be making the issue worse. Feeling like we're forcing her to go, is making her more stubborn about it. She's not afraid of the toilet, she does #1 with no issue, and proudly announces it every time. She is terrified of being left by me, and has nightmares about it, but I can't make myself use threats. It might actually work, but I just can't do that. She is obviously traumatized enough and I don't want to make it worse. If anyone has a suggestion for us to try, please let me know.
On to happier topics, here is a cute picture of Kara. She always chooses a stuffed animal to take grocery shopping, but is always sad that it has to wait in the car for us.
This is how I found her a few days ago. We are sick of the girls dragging blankets all over the house, so we have cut down on the blankets they have access to, and put them in different places. I got her ready for school, and while I was getting Kiersten ready she fell asleep on the couch with these throw pillows being the only blanket she could find.
Kara is learning to put her shoes on the correct feet. But sometimes she still mixes them up.
Ben took this picture last weekend. Both girls had gone to sleep in their own beds, but by morning, they both crawled in with me. Ben loves Kiersten's position in this picture.
This is what Kiersten looks like after dumping 2 cups of water on the floor, and not getting another one.

That's what is up with us lately. Kiersten and I have had a cold, which I think Ben is starting to get as well. The girls are really excited for halloween, and they are growing up so fast! I think I will volunteer to go to the pumpkin patch field trip with Kara's class. From what I understand, they will be going in vans, without carseats. If I offer to drive, I can make sure Kara at least will be in a carseat. I guess I should talk to her teacher and find out if that is really the case. I just can't see them transporting all those little kids without carseats, but I haven't seen any at the school. Maybe the parents will be told to leave their seats at school that day. I guess I wont know til I ask.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I had to chuckle to see how inventive Kara was with the pillows, at least she didn't get cold. It is so nice to hear about and see your real life, kids aren't always happy and smiling. I am sorry to her about Kara's bathroom problem, I hope it gets better soon.