Monday, February 15, 2016

To end our January

Kara had her second concert for special chorus a few weeks ago. We left Kiersten and Evie's dance class a little early so we could make sure not to miss it. I was glad we didn't try to go late, because it only lasted about 15 minutes. Nice and short. The kids sounded great!

She has really enjoyed being in the chorus, and has become a much better singer.

And of course she loves her devoted little fans.

I took a few close up pictures of Kiersten's CCL project for her before getting rid of it. I just couldn't throw them away, though. So they are sitting on a shelf in the garage while I think of a way/place to keep them. But at least they are off my kitchen counter.

Kara's birthday party was the Sunday after her birthday. We waited a week so she could go see Kung Fu Panda 3 for her party. My friend helped me decorate all of these panda cupcakes the night before. Some of the candy eyes had different sizes of pupils that were pointing in all different directions. So some of the pandas ended up looking rather interesting. Kiersten was nervous to let Kara borrow "Bamboo Bear", one of her most loved stuffed animals. She was right to be nervous. The boys kept messing with it during the movie. It finally ended up back on the cupcake stand wearing a pair of sunglasses. She was not amused.

Because they don't have a party room at this theater, we got a discounted rate to rent out the entire theater, so it was nice to be they only ones there. Some of the kids were a little crazy, so I was glad we didn't need to worry about bothering anyone.
She switched seats several times, trying to sit near all of her buddies.

The boys predictably separated themselves in the back.

The little sisters were happy to sit right up front away from those sugar filled boys.
It was a really cute movie. I'd say it's better than the first two.
Here is a cute gift I put together from PTO for our school counselor during School Counseling Week. It turned out super cute, and the girls were excited to bring it to her.
I only took a couple pictures at Trivia Night. It was a very fun event. My girls had a great time, and are hoping this event will be back again next year.

Kiersten missed girl scouts this month, because it conflicted with a circus class she is taking after school. So I had her make her craft beforehand for the other girls to reference. They earned their "write away" try-it. It went pretty well. For the craft portion, they decorated a notebook and pen with duct tape, stickers, and flowers.
I made rice krispie treats dipped in red chocolate for the snack. They went over great! Kiersten and another girl in the circus class stopped by at the end of the meeting to make sure they got some treats as well.
And after all that and a bit more, it was February.

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