Tuesday, September 22, 2009


we had a really good weekend. On saturday we took the girls mini golfing at a course near our house. It was really fun for Kara, but Kiersten didn't like it as much. Kara won the game and even got a hole in one. Afterward, we went and bought a new bed for Kiersten. It will be here thursday. I think she will like that a lot better than the toddler bed. Then we went to lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant, La Palma. It was tasty. Ben ran into game stop before we left to get a new DS game that he wanted, but I haven't had a chance to get for him yet. The girls took naps when we got home, and since Ben was busy playing his game, I decided to read. There is a book I started before Kiersten was born called, A Feast in Exile. The beginning was a little boring, so I hadn't ever gotten past the second chapter. I ended up reading it the rest of the night and a good part of the next day until I finally finished it. It was a pretty good book, but I didn't love the ending. Anyway, if you're a fan of late 1300's historical fiction, you'll proably like it. The rest of the day was pretty laid back. We watched lots of football, and just stayed home with the girls. Ben even made lunch for them while I was reading. Monday was a typical day. I have switched Kara from going to school on tuesday, wednesday, friday, to going monday, wednesday, friday. I think it will be better, and this way she wont be missing out on all the monday field trips. Kiersten has figured out that when we take Kara to school, that means she will be gone all day. So she gets a little upset when we are leaving. hopefully she'll get used to it though. At the gym, there were 2 other little kids who usually have an older sibling with them, who is in school now instead. So the babysitter there was making sure to help them all adjust. She's really good with Kiersten. I got all of the laundry finished yesterday, while Kara was at school, and later while Ben was watching football. so today I just have to worry about grocery shopping. Ben had an appt. today to follow up on his throat issue. the doctor had thought this might be happening as a result of an allergy, so he was referred to another doctor for allergy testing. They tested him for 120 allergies! I guess they don't usually do that many, but since it's an internal reaction, it was hard for them to be able to narrow down the culprits. After all of the pokes in his arm, their computer went down, so he is going to have to go back for another appt. Some of the things they were able to determine he is most allergic to before he left are, spinach, (surprising, because we eat it a lot) sagebrush, (he said he had a huge welt on his arm from it) dogs a little, cats even more, and horses even more. So that explains a lot of his problems when we visit Idaho. He already knew he was allergic to something there, but now he has a better idea what to avoid. The dr. gave him an inhaler to use if he is going to be around those animals. They said he has asthma, but it is brought on by his allergies, so he doesn't need to treat the asthma, just the allergies. We will know more when he goes back in if there are other things he should avoid. Also, they may start giving him allergy shots, although who knows when he would have time to go in for them. He has been missing so much work this month, it's just gonna be hard to catch up. He will be staying late tonight, and probably lots of other nights in the future. He goes in the first week of october to get his throat enlarged, and they also might do a biopsy at that time. So that is what we are all up to lately. I have been terrible about taking pictures this week, so I don't have any new ones to share of the girls.


VicandNanc said...

I'm glad you found time to read a book. There's nothing better than getting lost in one a few days then back to reality! I was looking back at the last pictures & I like how they have the one of them sitting by each other because it will be fun to remember the size difference between them.

Peterson Family said...

I am glad you are making head way getting things figured out for Ben. It is always nice knowing what is going on! :) I am glad you had an update! I checked the other families, and they didn't have anything new! Guess I should update my own too! :)